How We Give Back

The foundation of our giving philosophy is the belief that as investment bankers we can make a huge difference in the world. We contribute our time and a meaningful portion of our profits to charitable organizations every year.

If three of the independent investment banks had given five percent of their 2015 revenue to the Against Malaria Foundation, they could have saved over 30,000 lives.

That represents 13 lives per employee. 

In a single year.  


Based on public filings for Moelis & Company, Evercore and Greenhill and estimates by

We believe that everyone at Keene Advisors who has contributed to our success should participate in our giving.  Consistent with this principle, we encourage all of our employees to participate in Keene Advisors sponsored volunteer events, provide paid-time off for independent volunteer activities, and have our charity selection and profit allocation decisions determined entirely by our employees every year.  To learn more about our process, please download our Charity Giving Guidelines.

We have developed an innovative referral program that allows our friends, former colleagues and clients to participate in our giving.  For more information on our referral program please contact us at

Some wonderful charities that we have supported include: