An experienced advisor can help guide you through every phase of the divestiture process and position you for success.

At Keene Advisors, we specialize in providing clients with strategic and financial advice on corporate sales and divestitures in order to provide exceptional advice and service at a compelling value.  We have experience advising on every phase of a divestiture process from preparation, to execution, to closing and beyond.  And we have experience advising clients on the specific issues that arise in most corporate divestiture transactions, including:

  • Developing carve-out financial statements
  • Analyzing the standalone and pro forma cost structure
  • Analyzing tax implications from the divestiture
  • Analyzing a range of potential use of proceeds
  • Planning for and negotiating a transition services agreement
  • Planning for the use of shared facilities
  • Analyzing licensing and other contractual agreements

Contact us today.  We will be happy to answer all your questions about the divestiture process, potential buyers, valuation, and more. And we can help you evaluate the range of alternatives that are available to meet your objectives.  We will be your advisor, confidant and tireless advocate throughout the process. We are relentless in pursuit of our client’s success.

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