Capital Raising

We help you analyze your financing needs and develop a strategy to raise the debt or equity capital you need to capitalize on opportunities for your business. We combine the experience of a large Wall Street investment bank with the focus and independence of a boutique firm.  We provide highly personalized services and leverage our technology platform and smart storytelling tools to deliver exceptional service and transaction execution. We are relentless in pursuit of your success. 


We start with a conversation. We want to understand your financing and business needs, the opportunities that you are pursuing, and the potential risks that you face. We want to learn about your company's greatest strengths, competitive advantages, and strategic opportunities. This conversation informs every recommendation we make and serves as the foundation for the capital raising process that we will design and tailor to help you achieve your objectives.


Planning is a critical step in designing and executing a successful capital raising process. We plan every detail, anticipate challenges, and prepare for possible contingencies to position you for success. We anticipate investors’ questions and prepare you to address them directly. We help to educate you about every aspect of the capital raising transaction from pre-launch to post-closing, including the potential risks, costs, governance considerations, and investors’ long-term strategies and objectives, among many others. We believe that prepared, educated, and empowered clients are the best partners in a capital raising process, and that careful preparation leads to better outcomes.   


We run your capital raising process from start to finish. We deploy smart storytelling tools to craft a compelling narrative about your business and deliver your story in creative ways. We leverage technology to achieve seamless collaboration as we gather information that will be required by prospective investors, and to eliminate common bottlenecks as we engage with them. We maximize competitive tension during the process, negotiate with investors, help you select investors that are most aligned with your strategy and objectives, and help you successfully close your transaction. Throughout the process, you receive unparalleled transparency and real-time information. We are your advisor, confidant, and tireless advocate.

Deliver Exceptional Value.

When you are raising capital you need to focus on your business and not spend all your time with bankers and investors. That is why you need an experienced advisor to help you navigate the process. We leverage our team's experience, relationships, and innovative storytelling tools to make the process more efficient for you and deliver exceptional advice and value.